Platysma TEENLIFTING® differentiates from all cosmetic methods as it is the only one that affects the muscles, skin and bones at the same time.It also improves the health of the person and is not painful. On the world’s market this is unique,innovative method as it uses specially designed electrodes which stimulate the large muscle groups.Other electrostimulation treatments of muscle platysma that are on the market stimulate only some parts and on individual areas. Such stimulation is too intense for this area, but at the same time too weak for the whole muscle and for achieving maximum results. Treatment is performed with the device for electrostimulation of muscles and acupuncture points.
TEENLIFTING platysma is electrostimulation of muscles of the neck, chin, mouth and face in order to: tighten the neck, decrease the double chin, pull up the chin and mouth, lift the cheeks, narrow the face and neck, increase the muscle tone and skin, reduce dark circles around the eyes, reduce the swelling of the eyelids, strengthen the TMJ and rehabilitate snoring.


Circular muscles of the eyes and mouth

Circular muscles of the eyes and mouth

Platysma muscle

Platysma muscle

Muscles around the face and neck

Muscles around the face and neck

Platysma muscle (Musculus platysma- large neck muscle) is extremely delicate. It has a large areaand covers the front and both sides of the neck.Muscle arises from the pectoral (chest) and deltoid (shoulder) muscles and rises over the collarbone (clavicle), proceeding upward in a slanting manner along the sides of the neck. The muscle draws the lower lip and corner of the mouth sideways and down, partially opening the mouth, as in an expression of surprise or fright. It ends crossing over the chin, merging with the facial muscles and the bones of the lower jaw. By tightening it tightens the skin up. The front side of theplatysma does not cover the third bottom of the neck.

Platysma is used to express tension or stress. Contraction creates vertical wrinkles on the neck.

Platysma, because of its softness, starts to loose down from the 20s and, compared to other muscles, usually requires more training.

The way of its stimulation is crucial in achieving maximum results to reduce double chin and get lower- face lift.

Are you aware that the main aesthetic problem that occurs after the age of 25, is a double chin and sagging of the lower part of the face?

We become worried about wrinkles later as they are occurring in the 30’s. Many people think that double chin primarily happens due to overweight and in old age. However, in your late 20s growth hormones start to slow down, and lower part of the face begins to sag and looses down. TEENLIFTING electrostimulation of the platysma, is like fitness for your face. TEENLIFTING of the platysma achieves visibly increased muscle and skin tone , while reducing double chin, pulling out the mouth, lifting cheeks and narrowing the face and neck. The platysma is the muscle that covers the entire neck, chin and lower face.

Platysma TEENLIFTING (chin, neck and lower face) electrostimulation uses specially designed and unique electrodes for stimulating entire platysma muscle, the circular muscle of the mouth, chin and cheek muscles. Maximum results in muscle strengthening are possible only when synchronized contraction of all muscles is achieved. It is a non-invasive and healthy way to reduce a double chin without a knife (or any surgery), by pleasant and painless stimulation.

As the face starts sagging and gets loosen down skin becomes stretched, starts hanging and profile is not emphasised anymore. That results with “bags” on the lower part of the face below the corners of the mouth, wrinkles between the lips and cheeks deepen (nasolabial wrinkles). That change affects the appearance and expression of the entire face. Double chin is the most common in people who are prone to weight gain and the elderly, but this may not always be so and is becoming increasingly common among young and middle-aged. It is becoming a major aesthetic problem.


The aesthetic problems on the double chin is caused by:

  1. Physiological problem- natural reduction in the secretion of hormones that stimulate muscle tone and skin (eg. growth hormone is rapidly declining from age 20, …)
  2. Accumulation of fat on the neck and under the chin.
  3. Relaxation of the muscle platysma (a thin layer of muscle beneath the skin of the chin, lower face, chin and neck) and Musculus omohyoideus
  4. Loss of skin elasticity in that part of the neck. The skin on the neck has poor circulation, with little sebaceous and sweat, is thin and delicate and tends to blush. If stratum corneum is too thin, the skin becomes rough and inelastic.

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When will I see first results?

(tightening the neck, decrease of the double chin, pulling up the chin and mouth, lifting of the cheeks, narrowing of the face and neck, raising the muscle tone and skin, reduction of dark circles, reducing the swelling of the eyelids)?

After several platysma TEENLIFTING stimulations you can feel “muscle fiber” (muscle inflammation)on the part below the lower jaw or the lower part of the face. The appearance of muscle fiber is individual and depends on the initial muscle tone, intensity of stimulation, the length and frequency of training. If it appears you can continue with further training, but with only slightly lower intensity of stimulation, or do a few days break.

Although TEENLIFTING provides intensive training for platysma and other muscles, the initial visible results depend on the skin (that is on the lower part of the face and chin in the form of a hanging bag). Intense circulation and drainage (that is achieved during TEENLIFTING training) improves the quality of the skin. The skin of the chin and the neck is thin and sensitive, due to damage caused by sun exposure. The horizontal lines in the middle of the neck, which are parallel with each other, diminish with platysma TEENLIFTING and the speed of diminishing depends on the number of training, age, quality of skin and so on.

Elastic skin will immediately adapt to the new form of the neck, chin and cheeks.

That is why it is recommended to start with TEENLIFTING stimulation before 30 s, as the platysma has just started sagging, the skin is elastic and the results are likely to appear faster. By maintaining muscle tone with rhythm of training of 20-40 times a year, people will have a perfect neck, chin, mouth and cheeks forever.

The results at that age, and in an older age, can slow down the obesity. Fat tissue can’t be removed with platysma TEENLIFTING.

Clients in the 50s and later years can expect slower initial results, which depend on the elasticity of the skin, although that is not the rule.

The skin during TEENLIFTING treatments can be treated and nurtured with all cosmetic treatments for the skin (RF, LPG, laser, IPL, AHA).


All treatments on the skin may possibly accelerate tangible results of a new form of muscle, but no treatment of the skin can shape a muscle.


If you do not treat your skin at all, it will be naturally “squeezed” and will form within a few days or months. The skin is renewed every day, a “complete” reconstruction of the skin lasts for 30 days in the 30s and extends with ageing up to 60 days in the 70’s. Therefore, the result is more noticeable a week after the last training. It is possible that immediately after training skin is “hanging” in some places, which is logical, because the muscles quickly squeeze and shape, and the skin remains “empty”.

If, after some time, you stop with TEENLIFTING trainings the muscles retain its firmness and shape for a long time. As TEENLIFTING does not increase the volume of the muscle, therefore there is no appearance of “detorioration” after TEENLIFTING process has been stopped.



  • who are on a diet and trying to reduce weight
  • to whom weight loss occurs spontaneously
  • who are starting with training just after weight loss of 5 kg and more- that rhythm of training must slow down!


  • 4 times a year for 10 consecutive training (every day or every other day), and once a week to maintain muscle tone during the other months


  • 2 times a year for 10 consecutive training, while maintaining once a month
  • 3 times a year for 5 consecutive training, no monthly maintenance


  • 2-3 double training (weekend), 2 times a year

The first results can be expected after the 5th treatment, although younger people see the results after the first treatment.


How does platysma TEENLIFTING improve your health?

Impact of TEENLIFTING stimulation on the jaw joints and headache


In front of both ears are two jaw joint (TMJ temporomandibular joints), which the temporal bone connects to the lower jaw. They are strengthened with tendons, ligaments and muscles that are responsible for running the joint.

One of the disorders of TMJ is muscle tension, spasms of only certain jaw muscles, caused by psychological component-stress. One of the symptoms of such spasms is a headache, which does not respond to conventional treatment. The problem occurs in the morning (after a night of intense muscle spasms in his sleep) or after stressful situations during the day.

TEENLIFTING rehabilitates pain and headache as exercising the muscles “breaks” spasms and pain of specific muscles, increases blood flow and circulation of the muscles, skin and bones of the jaw.

Impact of platysma TEENLIFTING on restoriation of bone of the jaw and face.

The composition and metabolic balance of the bone depends on the activity of the muscles. Muscle activity slows down the process of osteoporosis and constant stimulation of bone improves its restoriation (of which the bone regeneration physiological depending).

For this reason, platysma TEENLIFTING becomes one of the key treatments for prevention and rehabilitation of osteoporosis of the jaw and face.

Impact of the Platysma TEENLIFTING stimulation on rehabilitation of snoring.

The cause of snoring is the narrowing of the passage of air through the nose and/or mouth. TEENLIFTING of the platysma successfully rehabilitates snoring in cases when:

  • cause of narrowing of the passage through the nose is caused by swelling of mucous membranes (because of allergies or inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. TEENLIFTING of the platysma intensively drains swelled tissue.
  • cause of narrowing of the passage through the mouth is caused by decreased muscle tone of tongue and throat, which allows the tongue to lower back into the respiratory tract. This may be caused by the effect of ageing, alcohol, sleeping pills, … TEENLIFTING of the platysma strengthens the muscle tone of the tongue and throat and thus does not allow their movement.
 Contraindications for TEENLIFTING are: Pace maker, Epilepsy, Pregnancy, Operations.

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